Best Memory Foam Mattress UK: Buyer’s Guide

Memory foam mattresses are the in-thing at the moment, with prices for cheaper models coming down all of the time. However, it is still an expensive purchase and one that you want to get the right first time around.

Memory foam is used in various products, from pillows to shoes, but its memory alone makes it perfect for mattresses.

Best 5 Memory Foam Mattresses UK 

 1. Emma Original Mattress

This is a great mattress and offers excellent value for money. Memory foam isn’t cheap, but Emma has made this affordable with its unique production process. It is made in one piece, which means there are no joins or edges, which can be uncomfortable.

Saying that, if you like sleeping right on the edge of your bed rather than right in the middle, you will want it as close as possible as the memory foam on the edges is slightly thinner than that on the inside. This 10″ deep mattress comes complete with a luxurious cover and even has adjustable sides which allow you to raise and lower yourself on it according to how much back support you want.

If you sleep alone, this may be too big for your frame, but this mattress will be ideal if you are a couple. You can buy it in all sizes up to king-size, making it suitable for every bed in the house, including divan bases.


  • natural fiber mattress with a luxurious cover
  • adjustable sides to support your back
  • good depth for those who like to sleep close to the edge of their bed
  • luxurious cover


  • Emma mattress needs care when fitting sheets due to the depth of the mattress; don’t just shove it on!

2. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Mattress is a new brand to the market, but it has already made an impression with its unique design and affordable prices.

Rather than being one piece, this top-of-the-range mattress comprises 5 layers that aim to provide both support and comfort. Each layer is different and responds differently to your body’s heat and weight.

  1. The first layer is a breathable base that allows air to circulate the mattress while providing good support for your spine.
  2. The second layer is memory foam designed specifically not to sleep too hot, while the third layer contains gel beads that will help regulate your body temperature, keeping you feeling fresh all night long.
  3. Finally, two more layers are designed only to add padding where necessary -the uppermost layer is specially designed to conform to your spine.

As well as these amazing features, Nectar has managed to keep their prices really affordable while the quality of the mattress itself is excellent.


  • top quality memory foam with multiple foam layers for added comfort and support
  • good value for money compared to other brands on the market
  • affordable prices
  • high-quality


  • thinner edge may cause you to roll off while sleeping depending on how close you are

3. Eve Mattress

Dunlop Foams make Eve Mattresses, and they offer an excellent range of products to suit all budgets. Like other memory foam mattresses, the Eve mattress is incredibly supportive while also having a layer of memory foam added on top.

However, the difference with this one is that it has been developed in conjunction with award-winning sleep expert Neil Robinson who claims that it sleeps like a dream! This mattress features the latest technology, and unlike cheaper models, which tend to be too soft and lack support, this one will help you get a deep sleep by supporting your back correctly throughout the night.

It comes complete with a luxury cover for extra comfort but doesn’t forget that you need to care for it properly or it won’t last as long as it should. If you neglect it, stains and marks can build up, which smell if left too long without attention.


  • 5-star rating from consumers on Amazon
  • good value for money compared to other brands on the market
  • the latest technology
  • back support


  • needs proper care, or it won’t last as long as it should

4. John Lewis Memory Foam Mattress

If you really want to treat yourself, this luxurious mattress from John Lewis offers incredible value for money, and it looks good too. This is a 10″ deep euro top mattress filled with memory foam and ensures that you get an undisturbed night’s sleep thanks to its contouring properties.

Hand-tufted using the finest materials, this mattress is made from natural New Zealand wool, which is breathable and hypoallergenic. In addition, there are no chemicals used in construction, which means that this product conforms to the relevant British standards and is kind to your skin.

While it may not be suitable for those who prefer much softer beds, this is the mattress for you if you like a firm sleeping surface.


  • 10-inch deep euro top made from 100% foams which are hand-tufted using natural New Zealand wool
  • high-quality materials
  • hypoallerganic mattress
  • construction without chemicals


  • this may be too firm for some consumers

5. Dormeo Memory Pro Mattress

This is another excellent memory foam mattress, and it has been designed to give you an enhanced sleep experience, so much so that you will be amazed at the quality of sleep you get. Rather than being hand tufted like John Lewis’ range, this Dormeo product features a pocket springs system that offers excellent support as well as pressure relief of your body.

The memory foam used in the construction is Visco Elastic, meaning that it reacts instantly to your own body heat and weight distribution by molding itself around those parts that need support most. This means that even if you change position during the night and don’t move around much, your spine will remain straight while sleeping, and your body will be comfortable all night long.

Plus, the memory foam will return to its original shape once you get up so that it’s ready for you again the next time you go to sleep!


  • not as expensive as other brands on this list
  • excellent quality foams used in construction
  • pressure relief
  • back comfort and support


  • may be too firm for some consumers

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

You can look out for a few signs to determine whether or not your mattress needs to be replaced.

  1. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, then it is unlikely that you will get the same quality of sleep experience as before, which means that even if it does still feel comfortable when you use it one night, the chances are that won’t be the case on other occasions.
  2. Also, be aware of any springs poking through, which could damage your skin and make sleeping uncomfortable too.
  3. If you find yourself waking up a lot during the night or suffering from back pain after using your bed, then this could also indicate that you need a new mattress, but only an expert will be able to tell for sure by examining what kind of condition your mattress is in.

If you are in any doubt about its longevity, it’s always worth asking for a second opinion before buying a new one if possible to make sure that the problem isn’t just minor wear and tear.

What type of mattress should I get?

There are many different types of mattresses that you can use, and the best type for you will depend on your preference and any physical conditions you have.

Memory foam mattress:

This type of mattress is perfect for those who like a firm sleep surface, and it will provide them with the correct level of support and contouring to their body shape.

Pocket sprung mattress:

If you prefer a softer mattress, then pocket sprung mattresses might be more suitable, as they offer excellent comfort as well as relieving pressure on your joints so that your night’s sleep isn’t disturbed by aches and pains

Latex mattress:

These mattresses are produced from natural latex, making them very durable and supportive at the same time. They also tend to be more expensive than other types, but they last longer and give you an improved sleeping surface.

Open coil mattress:

While not quite as comfortable or durable as other types, open coil mattresses are much cheaper, and because they are built with springs that run across the width of them, this type will give you plenty of support.

Hybrid mattress:

Hybrid mattresses are the most expensive type of mattress, but they give you the best of both worlds because they have spring coils in them, along with memory foam or latex, so that you get the most comfortable night’s sleep possible.

Material Used To Make Your Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to choosing the right memory foam mattress, there are two types that you can go for: gel and regular memory foam.

  • Gel-infused memory foam mattresses offer excellent support, but they are also more expensive than regular ones. Another thing to consider is that gel memory foam isn’t good at regulating temperature, so if you tend to get very hot at night, then this might not be the best choice.
  • Regular memory foam mattresses are much cheaper and ideal for those who are overheating when they sleep. This type of mattress will absorb your body heat and release it back into the surrounding atmosphere.

So, depending on your sleeping habits, you may want to think about choosing either one of these types when you buy your new mattress!

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

  • They do not need turning over like an ordinary spring bed, making them great for people who don’t have much time to spend caring for their sleeping surface.
  • They are warm and cozy in winter and stay cool in warmer weather because there is no open coil system that can develop hot spots if you sleep under a duvet cover during the summer months.
  • Because they are made from high-quality materials, then the overall lifespan of your new mattress will be incredibly long compared to other types on the market today.
  • The lower cost means that memory foam mattresses are available to everyone, regardless of budget size, so it’s well worth considering one even if money is tight.
  • As they are so high-tech, it’s easy to find a product that matches your personal requirements too because the range is huge! You can choose different densities, thicknesses, and firmness levels for ultimate comfort.
  • They are manufactured using environmentally friendly techniques, too. Hence, no off-gassing occurs during the production phase, which means you can start enjoying your new bed straight away with no nasty smells to put up with.

What are the disadvantages of memory foam?

  • Like most things, quality varies dramatically between products, so if you want the best possible one, then shop around thoroughly before investing.
  • If there is a minor fault in your mattress (a small hole or tear, for example), replacement parts may not be available.
  • There can be a chemical-like odor at first, but this does fade over time, especially if you use some deodorizing spray on your bedding before sleep.
  • Memory foam products are very high tech and often make unusual patterns on the surface when they arrive in the post, so before making a purchase, it’s important to check out lots of online photos of what you’re considering buying because it can be difficult to spot small issues from just one photo alone.
  • They are more expensive than other types of mattresses, so many individuals don’t want to fork out for the cost until they have tried one in person. This is perfectly normal behavior due to their unique design though
  • Some people find memory foam beds hard work initially because they feel strange and unusual when you first use them, but after a while, you will likely get used to the feeling and enjoy the benefits of having one in your home.
  • The surface can become hard if not maintained properly (covered with bedding, for example), which means they need to turn like an ordinary mattress, too, so extra care must be taken before making your buying decision.

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

Memory foam mattresses aren’t particularly durable and will usually last around five years before you need to replace them.

This means that if you look after your mattress well, it should be able to give you good service for this period of time, but be aware that an older one isn’t likely to have provided you with the same level of comfort or support with a new one.

If you sleep on your mattress every night, then it will wear down much quicker than one that you don’t use so often, so look after your bed and give it a good clean from time to time to keep the memory foam in the best condition possible.

What is the best mattress for back pain?

The best mattress for back pain would be a memory foam one or any supportive foam mattress. This type of mattress is the best choice if you have back issues because they are firm but give at the same time, so your pressure points are relieved, and you get good support in the correct areas too.

Other types may also provide you with good support, such as pocket springs or even latex mattresses.

It’s always worth thinking about what kind of sleeper you are before choosing one to ensure that it will offer the right comfort level when you’re in bed.

Do all mattresses need flipping or turning?

Some memory foam mattresses aren’t designed to be flipped or turned, so you won’t need to do this with them. However, some mattress manufacturers will recommend that you rotate your mattress regularly to stop it from wearing down unevenly over time too.

If you purchase a pocket spring one, these usually don’t come with a rotating mechanism either, and most people suggest that they should only be turned over about once a month as they are less likely to wear unevenly.

If you have a mattress that needs flipping or turning, make sure that you do this regularly; otherwise, it will affect the level of comfort and support that it can offer you when in bed.

Does it have a strong chemical smell?

Some memory foam mattresses have a chemical smell when they are first opened, but this is nothing to worry about because the odor will wear off after a few days.

It has an unpleasant smell because of the glue used during the manufacturing process, which also accounts for why your new bed may feel slightly warm initially, too.

Check your mattress for any sharp or protruding pieces before you use it to make sure that no one gets hurt during the unpacking process, but once you’ve done this, then you can sleep in peace without worrying about what kind of smells might be lingering in your bedroom!

What do I need to consider when buying a new mattress?

Foam density:

The higher the density of foam used in your mattress, the more supportive it will be

Mattress firmness:

Your weight and personal preference will determine which level of firmness is best for you, so be sure to try out different options before making a final decision

Mattress Warranty:

Some manufacturers offer up to 25 years on their mattresses, while others only cover them for 5 or 10 years, so always check any documentation carefully before purchase. The shorter the warranty cover, the lower quality materials are likely to have been used in construction

Mattress size:

Double mattresses are top-rated, but if you are buying one for use on its own, it’s worth considering a larger option because this will give you more room to move on the bed.

On the other hand, if your partner is much taller than you, they might prefer a smaller bed to stretch out properly.

Does The Thickness Of My Mattress Matter?

Yes, it does matter, especially if you intend on using an under-bed storage box or another item that requires clearance under your bed.

The standard depth for Memory foam mattresses is generally between 4 and 6 inches (10-15 cm) which means that you will need to make sure that there is enough room under the base of your bed before you buy one of this type.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, most memory foam mattresses have a trial period of between 90 and 120 nights, so you can test it out thoroughly to ensure that it’s right for you.

Check the return policy before purchase, too, as some manufacturers will only allow refunds if the mattress is unopened and unused. In contrast, others will accept returns even if you’ve slept on it once or twice.

Make sure that your new bed meets your needs before you buy because once you’ve made up your mind, then this will be difficult to change afterward!

What’s the warranty period?

Most mattress warranties are very long; the average one is between 10 and 25 years. The longer the warranty period, the better for you because the manufacturer has faith in their product’s high quality.

The warranty periods vary according to the density of the foam used in construction, so always check this before buying your new bed to be on the safe side.

Shipping and Returns

It’s good to know that most online memory foam mattress retailers offer free shipping (usually on orders over £100), or else the prices are meager because they want you to buy their products without any hassle.

The returns policy is also worth checking before making a purchase, as many companies only give refunds on new bedding items unless there is a fault with them. You may negotiate an exchange or credit note instead of a full refund though depending on how much time has passed since your initial purchase date; it never hurts to ask.

What level of firmness do I need?

There are many different types of firmness in the memory foam range, so it’s important to know which category you belong in before you buy.

They are:


You would normally use a firm mattress if you have lower back problems and don’t want to sink too far into your bed


This is the most popular memory foam mattress, offering just the right balance between softness and support.


People who prefer to sleep on their sides often choose a soft memory foam mattress for extra comfort, while those with joint issues may also benefit from its gentle surface.

Ultra Soft:

These mattresses offer maximum comfort and are ideal for people who want to relax when they go to bed because there’s no pressure on tender areas such as the neck or spine.

However, some individuals find them hard to get out of in the morning, so consider that before buying.

Buying the right size mattress for your bed frame

As mentioned before, it’s important to buy the correct mattress size the first time around because you won’t be able to exchange your purchase without incurring more costs.

If you have a divan bed with storage underneath, make sure that the depth (from the edge of the mattress to the bottom of its base) is at least 5 inches more than your Memory foam mattress. This will allow for clearance for any items stored there, plus some extra room around it on top too.

If you’re buying an inner-sprung unit instead, then check its dimensions carefully before placing your order.

Sizes available:

  • Single: 90 x 190cm
  • Double: 135 x 190cm
  • King Size: 150 x 200cm
  • Super King: 180 x 200 cm

Remember that the mattress is likely to be approximately 5 inches deep once it’s been rolled-up and compressed for delivery, so you will need a little extra space around your bed to make sure that it’s not squashed down too far.

What sort of budget do I have?

The prices of memory foam beds vary widely depending on where you shop and how much ‘bulk’ buying power they have. The average cost is between £500 and £1500, although some retailers sell them higher. You can also choose from several different thicknesses if you want to spend more, which can cost up to £3000 in some cases.

Tips: The lower the density of your memory foam mattress, the cheaper it will be because there is less material used in its construction. You should check out eBay if you want a cheap deal but bear in mind that anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

Trading Standards regulate memory foam mattress retailers so that they won’t sell faulty products knowingly. Always buy from an established company with positive reviews and great customer service instead.

What is a bed-in-a-box mattress?

A bed-in-a-box type of mattress comes in a box and usually takes between four and ten days to expand back into its original shape.

They are ideal for people who need their beds quickly or want to buy online because they are cheaper than traditional memory foam mattresses – with most models costing less than £500.

There are several different types of this product now, but they generally have similar features. They are:

  • A viscoelastic top layer that provides comfort and relief from pressure around your joints
  • The memory foam layer underneath this sits at a higher density, so it doesn’t sink too far down when you lay on it. This means that the spine is supported along with the rest of your body, preventing back pain and aches.
  • A breathable sleep surface that allows air to circulate throughout the mattress
  • The bottom layer is usually made with plastic or latex foam which provides firmness and durability.

Which is better: a traditional memory foam mattress or a bed-in-a-box?

There isn’t really much difference between these two types of products now because most modern beds in boxes use higher quality materials than they did five years ago. They also have denser viscoelastic layers as well as improved covers.

So the only noticeable difference may be in price because bed-in-a-box products are generally cheaper but still last for several years if looked after properly.

However, if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that’s the same as those sold in retail shops, then you should pay extra and go with an established brand instead.

Choosing mattress according to sleeping position

The most important thing to remember when buying a mattress is your sleeping position. Every person has a different one, and different sized beds may suit them better and different depths or firmness of their mattresses.

You should know what yours is before you start shopping, though, so you can make sure that your new bed will support you correctly.

Things to remember:

  1. A side sleeper usually needs at least a 30cm deep mattress with medium-firm mattress density for good upper body and arm support
  2. If someone sleeps on their abdomen, an averagely firmer mattress thickness of 18 inches will give them the correct amount of lower back support.
  3. Stomach sleepers need a skinny 10-inch mattress that’s low-density but still comfortable.
  4. A back sleeper can use any thickness or firmness at all because this position is best supported by the mattress you already have
  5. It’s important to remember that when you move onto your side, stomach, or back, you’ll need a different type of bed because sleeping in just one position can cause serious discomfort and restrict blood flow.

What are some of the other leading brands?

If you want to buy yourself a mattress, then there are plenty of top brands out there that you can choose from, including:

  • Sealy
  • Silentnight
  • Slumberland
  • Dunlopillo
  • King Koil

These are just some examples, but if you want good-quality foam mattresses that will last, any of these brands offer excellent value for money.

Plus, they all have a wide selection of different mattress types and sizes to choose from as well as a range of covers, frames, and accessories that can help you personalize your new purchase.

So if you want an affordable foam mattress but don’t want to scrimp on quality, then head over to the website now and pick out your favorite product or brand for yourself today.

Bedding for your mattress

Choosing the right bedding is just as important as choosing your mattress.

  • A fitted sheet will go with most modern mattresses and is easy to keep clean. You tuck it tightly around the corners of the mattress, then tuck it under itself on each side so that there are no gaps between the sheets and the mattress.
  • Place a duvet cover to provide cushioning and insulation at night – If you’re using a flat sheet rather than a fitted one, then make sure that it doesn’t bunch or pucker under your weight.
  • Mattress protectors prevent wear and tear on your new purchase without affecting comfort. They also help if someone in your house suffers from allergies because they create an airtight seal around your mattress which means allergens can’t penetrate it.
  • The best pillows for everyone are down or feather ones because they distribute your weight well and keep their shape. However, if you’re trying to reduce the number of chemicals in your home, choose a synthetic pillow instead.

How do I take care of my mattress?

You should always read any manufacturer’s guidelines provided with your new product carefully. This will highlight how best to maintain and clean your mattress so that it remains in tip-top condition for as long as possible. However, some basic rules apply to all types of mattresses, such as:

  1. Keep out direct sunlight – this will fade the fabric and affect how well your mattress absorbs liquid spills
  2. Vacuum regularly – to remove any dust or debris from the surface to help keep it clean at all times
  3. Rotate once a month – when you have been sleeping in one particular position for a while, turn your mattress over so that you sleep in different areas each night. This will ensure an even wear rate and prevent your bedding from becoming marked by regular use in just one place.
  4. Use a protective bed sheet – these are available in cotton, silk, and rubber varieties, but they all perform their own special functions. Cotton is easy to wash and breathable, while rubber is more durable and waterproof.
  5. Never use bleach on your mattress – this can damage the materials used in its construction, plus it is also hazardous for children to be around when it’s being used. Instead, it would help if you used a specialist upholstery cleaner.


If you want to get a good night’s sleep, it’s worth investing in one of the best memory foam mattresses available on the market today simply because they tend to provide better support overall compared to other materials.

If you prefer softer surfaces, then another type will probably suit your needs better. Still, if you like firmer mattresses, more supportive bedding, then these products are ideal because they mold around your body while also letting it breathe naturally.

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