Best King Size Mattress UK: Laid-back Luxury

King size mattresses are larger in size, with king-sized beds typically measuring 76 x 80 inches. The king mattress is the largest mattress option available in the United Kingdom.

The best selling points for a king mattress are its large size and improved sleeping space for couples who may struggle to fit on a standard double or small double.

King mattresses are also well suited to any body type because there’s room to readjust a sleeping position during the night without disturbing your partner.

Some people believe that bigger is better when it comes to buying a mattress, but before you buy one, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself first. Read through our tips below before making your decision.

5 Best King Size Mattresses UK

1.Emma Original Mattress

Emma Mattress is a great mattress and the best-selling king-sized bed in the UK. Emma also offers a generous 100-night trial so you can try out this mattress at home and return it if not completely satisfied.


  • It has a removable, washable cover.
  • It is of average firmness, not too hard and not too soft.
  • The 100-night trial means that you can test this product at home with the peace of mind that you can return it if it’s not right for you.
  • You will need to pay a small fee to have it collected from your house though, which is deducted from the refund price.


  • Some customers find that the mattress sinks/gives away after time as there appears to have been an issue with materials being used in its construction. This only seems to affect those who weigh over 12 stones, though, so depending on your weight may be less of an issue for you!

2.Nectar Mattress

The Nectar is a luxury memory foam king-sized mattress. It has 3 zones of firmness, with the middle zone being medium to firm and suitable for possible aches and pains that you may have when sleeping.


  • It provides good pressure relief in the centre third, thanks to its soft memory foam top layer. Also, if you’re worried about dust mites, this might be worth considering as it’s treated with an anti-allergen material which helps to protect against them.
  • As well as the standard 100-night trial, if you do need to return this product, they offer a 365 night “no questions asked” comfort guarantee!
  • The 365-day trial does carry an additional fee though, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to buy it.
  • The Nectar store also offers a price match guarantee, giving you the option of buying from them at a lower price elsewhere. If you find a lower advertised price within 30 days they will refund the difference!


  • It is memory foam and, as such, can be hot and sticky during warm weather or if you have been sleeping for long periods of time. Memory foam may also not be suitable for those with allergies due to its anti-allergen properties. In this case, another material might be more suitable.

3.Simba Hybrid Mattress

The Simba is a great high quality, supportive mattress at a very reasonable price. It includes free next-day delivery, so you can receive it the following day if needed.


  • It offers memory foam comfort in one-third of the mattress and springs in the remaining two-thirds, which provides good support for your spine and hips.
  • The combination of these materials offers a different feel to most mattresses but works well together to provide an overall comfortable experience!
  • Comes with free UK mainland delivery (excluding Scottish Highlands) so that you don’t have to wait long before enjoying this product!
  • As well as this it’s also easy to unpack and set up with minimal effort required.


  • Some customers do not like this mattress as it does not feel like “traditional” memory foam.
  • It is more expensive than some other king-size mattresses available on the market today.

4.Otty Pure Mattress

The Otty mattress is another great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality memory foam product at an affordable price point. There are three different firmness options available to choose from, with the medium option being best suited for those who sleep on their side.


  • It’s made up of very soft memory foam, which provides good pressure relief around your body and helps to improve the quality of your sleep overall.
  • This mattress doesn’t come with any off-gassing odours or chemicals that could bother those with allergies or sensitive skin, so it’s quite safe to use consistently!
  • Affordable price


  • Memory foam mattresses tend to heat up during warm weather which can be uncomfortable for some customers. This means that you may have to change the way that you sleep during summertime if this has been a problem for you in the past.

5.Silentnight Memory 7 Zone Mattress

This is one of the best king-size mattresses in the UK available on the market today. It comes with a 20-year guarantee and includes free UK mainland delivery!


  • Its 7 zones provide excellent support for your back and neck
  • Comfortable memory foam layer in between.
  • This combination works well to reduce aches and pains so that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep overall.


  • Sleepers who don’t like the feeling of memory foam may not appreciate this mattress as it is made up almost entirely of this material (there are springs in the core, though).
  • Some customers might prefer something that has more of an even distribution of materials to maximise comfort.

What to Look for in a Mattress?

If you’re considering purchasing a new mattress, it’s important that you know exactly what to look for. A memory foam mattress tends to be very popular because of its support, but there are other factors that should be considered before making your choice!


If you sleep on your side, you need a firm mattress with good support at the shoulders and hips; if you sleep on your stomach, go for something softer; and if you sleep on your back, get medium or medium-firm mattresses like Simba Hybrid Mattress.


Memory foam is the most common material used in beds today due to its pressure-relieving properties; however, latex can also provide this kind of comfort while springs offer strong support.


Check the rating of your mattress to ensure that it’s safe and comfortable; CertiPUR-US certification will indicate whether or not there has been any off-gassing involved to safety check the components used.


Firmness, material, rating, and warranty can all affect your budget, so set a limit before beginning your search to avoid overspending.

Who is Best Suited to a King Mattress?

Everyone should be suited to a king mattress, no matter your age or sleeping habits. Unfortunately, some people find that their body shape means they aren’t as comfortable on memory foam beds, so you may need to use an alternative type if this is the case for you.

King mattresses are designed with larger individuals in mind but anyone can use one, whether this is due to poor sleep quality during their current mattress or just because they want more space!

King vs. Super-King Size Mattress

A king mattress is approximately 6-inches wider than a standard double bed, giving you extra space to sleep comfortably. At 70 inches in length, it’s also around 30-inches longer, which means your feet aren’t going to hang over the end of the bed either (unless you happen to be excessively tall).

Super-king mattresses are around 3-4 inches larger than normal kings, but they tend to cost more due to their size and how much material has gone into them.

The biggest difference between these two types is that super king beds are usually only fitted in broader widths, whereas anyone can get a king-size made for them (with dimensions that correspond with their needs).

Pros and Cons of a King Mattress

King mattresses are great for people who want more room to move, but they’re also excellent for couples too.

This is because two people can sleep comfortably on them while still having enough space between them that their movements won’t disturb the other person during the night.


  • You get more space to stretch out and roll around in so it’s easier to relax, reduced aches and pains, so you wake up feeling refreshed;
  • There’s more airflow on king beds due to their size, so you don’t get hot or sweaty when sleeping at night;
  • It doesn’t cost any extra than a standard double bed does.


  • The biggest downside is that they can be difficult to transport or even fit through door frames without taking the mattress apart;
  • They can take up much more storage space when moving home or even in your bedroom during the day.
  • It’s also difficult to find a frame that will fit a king mattress, especially if you’re looking for something wall-mounted.
  • Many people end up paying extra for their king-size bed because they have to pay for added material and adjustments.

What Type of Mattress is Best for a King?

This just depends on what you’re looking for. Memory foam mattresses are popular because they provide pressure relief and comfort, but you can also find springs that will last just as long or even latex if you want something more natural.

1. Memory Foam Mattress:

This material is great for relieving pressure points, improving circulation throughout your body, and helping to prevent aches and pains in both the back and shoulders; however, it isn’t breathable, so it may not be suitable for those who sleep hot during the night.

2. Latex mattress:

Latex offers similar properties to memory foam, but it’s far more breathable, making it ideal during warmer months of the year; some people do complain that there’s too much bounce with this kind of mattress, but the level of comfort it provides is usually worth this small issue.

3. Pocket Sprung Mattress:

This is the traditional mattress style that’s filled with small pocket springs that are sewn together.

Pocket sprung mattresses provide great support so it’s ideal for those who suffer from back pain, but it isn’t well suited to larger individuals as it may sag or lose its shape over time due to excessive weight.

4. Hybrid mattress:

Hybrid mattresses combine two materials in order to maximise support and comfort without sacrificing either material.

The top layer will be memory foam or latex, while the lower part is usually made up of springs, meaning your body weight won’t cause too much stress on the bed itself.

Do memory foam mattresses retain body heat?

It’s natural for all beds to give off some kind of heat because they’re used every night and absorb kinetic energy from their occupants when they move around.

Memory foam mattresses do produce more heat than other types, but it shouldn’t be too much in most cases, and you can easily add another blanket if this is still a problem after trying it out at home before buying anything.

How do I know if I should buy a spring mattress?

Many people prefer spring mattresses because they tend to be more comfortable than other types, but it’s also worth considering how supportive they are too.

You can often choose between several different levels of firmness within this category which will give you even more choice over whether or not they suit your needs.

It’s also possible to remove the covers from them so that they can be washed or replaced if you need to.

What are the different types of coil springs?

There are lots of different types of coil springs (also called Bonnell springs), and they all perform very differently depending on their intended use for any given product.

You’ll often find them in mattresses, but they can also be found in other kinds of bedding like divan bases; also, some pillows make use of coils instead of foam padding because they’re known for providing good support for the head and neck during sleep.

Firmness level

  1. Extra Firm: This is the hardest type of bed available, so if you prefer sleeping on the floor, then this could be right for you; however, such support comes at a price – poor comfort levels and common problems with circulation;
  2. Firm: This is a popular choice for those who don’t like the feeling of sinking into their mattress, and they’ll get more support than an average bed; it can still be quite firm though, depending on its density, so it’s not suitable for some people;
  3. Medium: A medium mattress strikes a good balance between comfort and support. It offers enough buoyancy to let you sink into your bed while still providing adequate support where needed;
  4. Soft or Extra Soft: If you struggle with aches and pains then this type of mattress may be right for you because it’s softest, allowing you to sink further in and avoid pressure points caused by lying in one position too long; however it isn’t recommended if you share your bed with a partner because the mattress may get too soft over time.

Are there any other benefits from sleeping with extra firmness?

There are lots of different benefits to sleeping on firmer mattresses, but one of the main things is that it provides better support for your body while you’re asleep.

This applies if you have health problems related to muscle pain or chronic backaches because you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and less tired when this kind of product is in place.

Pick the right mattress size

King size mattresses can be bought in single sizes too, but if you don’t need a super king then it’s worth considering buying a standard UK double because these are still wide enough to offer support for two people.

This also helps keep the price down somewhat and makes transporting the mattress easier should you decide to move house at some point.

If you’re thinking of getting a custom frame, then double bed frames can be used with most UK king mattresses because they’re just as sturdy and reliable, but it’s important to check that your mattress will fit before making any purchases to avoid leftover issues or having to buy another frame altogether.

Mattress Sizes:

  • Single: Width 90cm, Length 190cm;
  • King Single: Width120 cm, Length200 cm;
  • Double: Width 135cm, Length 190cm;
  • Queen: Width 150 cm ,Length 200 cm;
  • King / Super King/ California King :Width 180cm ,Length 200 cm

What type of base will work best?

  • A solid wood slatted base is ideal for helping to distribute your weight evenly without adding any unnecessary pressure or support that might irritate pain points. Wooden slats are durable, and the open design means there’s more airflow, making them ideal for people who sleep hot during the night;
  • A sprung slatted base has similar properties to a solid wood slat bed but is far more comfortable. The springs create a soft surface beneath your mattress so you won’t feel discomfort in certain areas of your body while you’re lying down, but these types of beds aren’t very durable so they may begin to wear out after prolonged use;
  • Roller bases are great because they can be easily adjusted by turning the handle on each leg; this makes it easy to raise or lower one part of the bed to suit your desired comfort or storage needs. The downside is that they’re not very durable, so they may lose their shape over time;
  • Boxspring beds use springs in combination with wooden slats to create a solid base for your mattress. They’re great at supporting heavyweights and make it easier to turn sheets over because the whole bed can be lifted up when required;

Foam bases are often used with platform beds because they make the surface much more comfortable while still providing sufficient support; if you don’t like sleeping on very hard surfaces then this type of bed might be what you need.

Mattress Warranty and Other Policies

A 5-year warranty is a minimum you should expect for a new mattress, although some can last more than 10 years if they’re well made.

If your mattress isn’t quite right then it’s usually possible to return it within 100 days of purchase for a full refund or an exchange if needed.

This ensures that customers are fully satisfied with their purchase and it gives retailers more of a reason to stock high-quality items because there’s less chance of them being returned later on down the line.

Some stores may offer free delivery services so it’s worth checking before purchasing online. It’s easy enough to get quotes from different companies so you can compare costs before making any final decisions on where you want to buy.

What mattress is the healthiest to sleep on?

A memory foam mattress is a great choice for anyone who wants to sleep well at night. These types of beds are good for your back and neck because they have a design that works with your body’s shape while you’re lying down, so the mattress takes the pressure off any problem areas.

Getting a king-size bed can help improve sleep quality because there’s more room on offer, which means it’s easier to get comfortable when you’re tired after a long day at work or just before you drift off into blissful slumber.

The right mattress will last over 10 years if looked after properly, so it’s definitely an investment worth making in most cases.

Pricing guide

King-size mattresses can be expensive, especially if you opt for high-end products with memory foam designs.

A good mid-range mattress should cost around £850 – £1000, depending on what features and materials are included;

It’s worth getting an online quote because prices vary significantly between stores; this feature makes it much easier to compare deals and save money when you’re making a major purchase like this.

How to buy the best mattress?

It’s easy to get the wrong mattress, even if you’ve had bad experiences in the past.

  1. The key is to find a company that sells high-quality products and has experienced staff members who know what you need before selling anything to you;
  2. Think about your back and neck problems when looking for a new mattress because this will give you an idea of what’s suitable;
  3. Make sure your bed isn’t too old before buying a replacement. If it’s more than 10 years old, then it might be time to consider changing it because the materials won’t be as effective now that they’ve gone past their best date.
  4. Try not to spend too much money on comfort features like memory foam because these things can wear out quickly if they’re not of good quality. Look for a mattress with a simple design and multiple layers of support instead because you can always add memory foam products to your bed later on if you need more comfort from the surface.
  5. Look at different types of mattresses when buying online, such as innerspring or memory foam beds, so that it’s easy to compare prices and which features are available for each product.

How to do a quick mattress comfort test

A mattress should be comfortable to sit on first, so you can test this aspect of the design easily. If it’s not right then you’ll feel discomfort after a short time so it’s definitely worth avoiding these types of beds.

  • Lie down on one side and check that your body feels supported by the bed. Make sure you’re close enough to the edge that your partner won’t roll into your space when they get in then see what happens when you put weight on each part of your body. It should feel like even distribution across the surface, which means there are no parts that dig in or raise up too much;
  • Don’t forget to turn around and repeat this process for all parts of your body because of different people have different problems when it comes to finding a comfortable mattress. If you need more support, try adding a memory foam pad to the surface so that your body will sink into the design and feel at ease in minutes;
  • Make sure there’s no dip or hole because these details can really put pressure on joints and increase problems with your back. A slight curve around the edge of the bed is fine, but anything too much might be bad news if you’re planning on buying this product for health reasons.

Buying a mattress in a box

It’s a good idea to buy a mattress in a box because this is going to be delivered straight to your house and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of transporting it from one place to another.

These mattresses are often low cost as well, so it might be worth considering if your transport problem is costing too much money.

Will your mattress need turning?

Many mattresses need turning regularly, but this is going to vary according to the product.

If it’s a standard mattress, then you might need to turn it every few months because this will make sure there isn’t an uneven distribution of weight on any part of its surface.

Can I use an electric blanket with a memory foam mattress?

It’s never a good idea to use an electric blanket with any type of memory foam product, so you should avoid this kind of heat source while sleeping on these surfaces.

Electric blankets can damage the surface materials and cause reactions that are bad for your health in the long term because they prevent regular blood circulation while you sleep.

How can I stop myself sweating at night?

Many people find that they sweat too much when sleeping on some types of mattresses, especially if their bedroom gets very hot during the summer months or they’re suffering from medical problems like excessive perspiration.

You might need to get a mattress cover designed specifically for keeping out sweat and moisture if this is a problem. It really depends on what’s causing it, but it’s worth trying out different options for getting more comfortable at night.

How to clean a mattress?

You should never machine wash a mattress because this can cause damage to the surface materials, so it’s generally a good idea to call in a professional if you need advice about cleaning these products.

However, you can usually spot clean these mattresses at home with some specially formulated solutions. It’s important that you follow safety guidelines carefully when using chemicals on your bed because they could be dangerous if misused.

  1. Test out any new product on an area of the bed that won’t show if there are problems like staining or discoloration before applying the solution everywhere;
  2. Wash individual stains with cold water and check that any heat settings are turned off;
  3. Use gentle scrubbing motions while working on dirty patches, then rinse the bed and dry after you’ve finished;
  4. Hire a professional if there are issues like mould growth or particularly stubborn stains. These products might need special treatments to get rid of them.

When to replace your mattress?

There’s no definite answer to this question because it depends on the type of product you’re using.

Standard products might need replacing every ten years or so depending on their overall condition, but it’s important that you don’t hesitate if your mattress feels uncomfortable even after regular turning and spot cleaning routines.

Everybody is different so some people will find it harder than others to re-adjust sleeping patterns when they swap one mattress for another.

Can you order a mattress online?

These days, it’s very easy to order a mattress online that will be delivered right to your house. You can often read reviews by previous customers about the product before you buy, which is really helpful for making an informed decision.

If you’re buying one of these products for health reasons, then it might be especially important that you do some research beforehand because they have special requirements.

Will the mattress I order online be too firm?

Most people find mattresses are firmer than they initially expect them to be when they first try them out, but this shouldn’t cause any problems if you’ve done enough research before taking the plunge with this type of purchase.

The main thing is finding out whether or not it’s the softer mattress or firmer mattress than your old bed because this matters for getting a good night’s sleep.

What are the advantages of buying a mattress online?

There are lots of benefits to shopping online, but one of the most important is that you can compare prices between different retailers easily, which helps protect your wallet against excessive charges.

Sites generally offer free delivery, too, so there are significant savings to be made on buying this way, as well as all the other benefits that come from shopping online.

Where is the best place for me to buy mattresses?

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been people choosing to buy their new mattress online because it’s just so much easier than visiting physical shops that sell this kind of product.

You can easily look at reviews and compare different models, which makes it much simpler when you’re trying to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Most retailers will provide free shipping, too, so there are significant savings to be made on buying this way, as well as all the other benefits that come from shopping online.

How can I make my old mattress more comfortable?

There are lots of different ways you can make your old mattress feel more comfortable, and it depends on the reason why it doesn’t feel as nice as usual.

If it has too much given in certain areas, then you could try building up the bedding underneath to create a higher level before putting your sheets and duvets down, or you can put an additional layer over the surface to provide extra support where it’s needed most.

How do I choose a mattress for back pain?

These products are designed to help people with back pain because of their firmness and support. However, you should always speak to a trained medical professional before buying one of these products because your condition can affect exactly what type of mattress is best for your body.

A good way to get started is by reading the customer reviews of the mattresses you’re interested in so that you can get an overall idea of how they perform from actual users.

Is it ok to put a waterproof mattress protector on my new bed?

You should definitely buy some form of water-resistant or waterproof protector if it’s a standard mattress because this will do a lot for keeping the surface clean and dry during everyday use.

It might seem like overkill but it really isn’t because all it takes is one spillage to ruin the entire thing if you don’t have this kind of protection in place.

Do mattresses go flat?

Mattresses aren’t designed to be very firm or hard like other products on the market, but they do need to provide enough support for people who sleep on them every night.

With this in mind, mattresses shouldn’t go flat because it indicates that they’re not doing their job properly.

If this is the case, then it might be difficult to use them again without buying a new model or paying for repair work.

What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is an extremely popular type of material used in mattresses because it’s good at absorbing kinetic forces, which can sometimes impact their structure after prolonged use.

This helps with the comfort, but it also has plenty of benefits for people who are looking to invest in one of these products because it will keep working well for many years to come.

What should I know about mattress cover sizes?

It’s very important that you understand exactly what size your bedding needs to be before anything else because it has a big impact on how much you can expect to pay.

As well as this, not getting the right size means that none of your mattress protectors or duvets will fit properly, so it’s not worth investing in them if they’re not going to be effective at what they do.

What is the best luxury mattress brand?

There are lots of different luxury mattress brands on the market, and it’s a good idea to see what they have in store before making a decision about which one you should buy.

You can use online reviews to find out more about their products and how well they perform from real customers, but there is also plenty of information that retailers will provide if you ask them directly.

What will happen to my old mattress?

There are lots of places you can take an old mattress to if you don’t want it anymore, and the best option depends on exactly what kind of trouble they cause.

If it’s just a general health concern then recycling them is probably fine, but if there is any risk of toxic chemicals leaking into the environment then it’s better to take it somewhere which can handle these kinds of products safely.

What should I know about Indian cotton mattresses?

Cotton-based bedding is popular because of its natural properties, but it might not be best for everyone because some people are allergic to certain parts that are found in this material.

It’s, therefore, worth testing out their products before committing to one of these models if possible because you could end up with a serious health issue that means you can no longer enjoy the benefits of owning one.

What should I look for when purchasing bedding?

You need to know exactly what features you want in your bedding before purchasing any products because this makes it easier to find them in the first place.

It also makes a big difference when it comes to deciding whether you can afford them, so start by listing all the features that are most important to you and seeing if they have anything which matches this list.

What bedding do I need for my mattress?

There is a lot of different bedding you might need for your mattress, and it’s important to know exactly what kind of products you’ll need so that you can prepare for this.

It makes sense to think about the different layers at home and see which ones are most important to you before making a final decision, and it could be very difficult or expensive to change your mind at a later date because mattresses aren’t designed with anything other than their own materials in mind.

  • Pillows come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes so it’s worth thinking about where you’re going to put your new one. If it’s for alongside your head, then a small square one is best, but if you’re looking for something that goes between your knees, then a long rectangular model will be the most comfortable. It’s also worth having a think about the details before buying your product because even small changes can make a big difference in terms of comfort. For example, whether or not it has piped edges is something you might want to think about if you’re looking for an easy way to clean it when necessary.
  • A mattress protector can help you to keep your bedding clean by preventing dust mites from invading the material, which is why they are very popular nowadays. However, not all models are equally effective because some don’t do anything at all even though they look like they work. A good way to find out more about this kind of product is by reading reviews before you decide to buy.
  • A mattress topper is a great way to make your bed more comfortable without spending a lot of money because it can be very expensive, especially for larger models. However, they will only work if you have the right kind of mattress, so make sure you check these things before purchasing one.
  • A duvet is what you traditionally think of when it comes to bedding because they were originally used in part because of their handiness. However, there are other uses for them which you might wish to consider if you need more than just something that looks nice or keeps you warm.
  • A mattress pad is a good way to add some extra comfort and keep your bedding looking great at the same time because it can be added on top of any product without making too much of a difference. It’s possible that you might want something which is specifically designed for one brand or type of mattress, but this does not mean that they don’t work just as well with anything else.

FAQ Mattress UK

Q. What if I will Share the Mattress with Pets and Kids?

A. There’s a good chance that you’ll be sharing your mattress with pets and kids, so it makes sense to buy a product that caters to these conditions.

At the same time, you should avoid buying a very cheap bed if children or animals seem likely to damage it because this can impact health in the future.

Q. Will, You Buy an Innerspring Mattress?

A. Innerspring mattresses are very popular with many people, but they’re not always the best choice for new buyers.

There are some problems that people often face when making this kind of purchase, especially back pain which is caused by points where springs press into areas like shoulders and hips during sleep. These products could be beneficial if purchased at a low cost, but there are other options that are just as affordable.

Q. Can You Wash Mattress With Vinegar?

A. Vinegar is an effective household cleaner that’s safe to use on many different materials, so you can apply it all over your mattress easily if this seems like the best choice.

However, avoid getting strong concentrations of vinegar directly onto the cushion because this could damage materials and leave dangerous chemical residues behind after evaporation. It’s much better to buy special products for cleaning purposes instead.


In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with a mattress protector to protect your bedding from spills and other accidents.

Even if you have a new mattress, it’s always better to play it safe because even the best products might not be able to prevent things from going wrong entirely.

Mattress protectors are designed for this specific purpose, so they will work well as long as you choose the right one for you.

If possible, keep an eye out for special offers that might help you save money on these accessories, which don’t tend to cost very much anyway.

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