Small Double Mattress: A Comfy Night’s Dream

A small double mattress is the standard width for a single bed. In some countries, it can be called a twin or an individual bed. It is smaller than the large double and slightly larger than the single.

The length of this mattress varies: sometimes people call it a full-size, while others say that its long measurements hail from 75 to 80 inches (190 to 203 cm), and its short measurements range from 54 to 60 inches (137 to 152 cm).

Mattress Sizes

Mattress sizes are divided into several groups:

  • baby crib 32×18 inches
  • single mattress 38 x 75 cm
  • double mattress 38 x 75 or 80 cm
  • queen size mattress 60 x 80 or 87 cm
  • king size mattress 76 x 80 or 87 cm

Mattress thickness

Mattress thickness also varies. The thickness of baby mattresses is 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 cm), single mattresses are 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25.5) thick, double mattresses are 12 to 15 inches (30.5 to 38) thick, and their Queen and King counterparts measure 15 to 18 inches (38 to 46 cm).

Finally, the building material may be cotton, polyester fiber, memory foam rubber, latex foam rubber, wool felt fiber mix, or spring steel.

Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress Size

  1. People should choose a mattress size that fits their frame and their budget.
  2. Other determining factors are the number of sleepers in the family, sleeping position (back or side sleeper), and personal preference.
  3. Those looking for the extra room may want to get a large double instead of a small double or twins instead of singles.
  4. There are also mattresses designed specifically for children, which have a smaller width but allow for longer growth.
  5. When shopping for a small double mattress, people should remember that these mattresses have the same measurements as the single mattress.
  6. People who find this confusing can always ask sales representatives about it.

Firmness levels

  • extra soft mattresses are less than 3 inches (7 cm) thick
  • soft mattresses measure between 3 and 6 inches (7 to 15 cm) thick
  • the medium-firm is 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20.5 cm) thick
  • firm mattresses are 8 to 12 inches (20.5 to 30.5 cm) thick

What are the different types of small double mattresses?

1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for people who tend to wake up to the feeling of having pressure on their bodies or those who prefer sleeping on a soft mattress.

  • This material allows sleepers to sink into the bed, reducing pressure points and ensuring that every part of the body is evenly aligned throughout the night.
  • Memory foam contains high-density polyurethane foam with visco-elastic properties designed to absorb movement and weight without disturbing another person.
  • It has three subcategories: open-cell memory foam, closed-cell memory foam, and gel memory foam. The former is the standard type used in mattresses. The gel memory foam mattress has a high concentration of gel particles designed to conform to the sleeper’s body heat. In contrast, the regular memory foam mattress reacts only upon weight or pressure.

2. Latex foam mattress

Latex foam is another material commonly found in small double mattresses. This substance provides additional comfort and relief through its even density distribution, making it feel firm yet yielding to sleepers’ bodies. It also has an open cell structure for ventilation and breathability. There are four types of latex: Dunlop, Talalay, Dunlop Starphire, and Silcare.

3. Pocket sprung mattress

The pocket spring mattress is well-known for providing extra comfort and body support. This type of mattress consists of fabric pockets that surround flat springs. It has a seamless, upholstered cover, high resilience polyurethane foam core, and edge-to-edge wire stitching. The pocket spring system also facilitates airflow, which allows sleepers to feel fresh all night long.

4. Traditional coil mattress

Traditionally constructed with no frills or embellishments, this is the simplest type of small double mattress made from individual springs linked together by metal wires. Because of their straightforward design, these mattresses require constant flipping not to wear out quickly or sag over time.

Spring units can be either Bonnell (or open) or continuous (or Hollywood coil) units. The former has independent spring items attached at their top coil, while the latter comprises several rows of closely linked coils.

5. Airbeds

Airbeds are usually made of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane foam, and fabric but can also be made with materials like cotton. It contains a thin layer of air held in place by sidewalls and an internal pump that can inflate or deflate the bed.

Airbeds are known for providing comfort, support, and extra convenience since they allow sleepers to adjust their firmness anytime. These mattresses may come with castors to easily move them wherever needed, but some models cannot be moved and remain fixed inside a particular room. Other features of airbeds include digitized controls, programmable massage, and built-in heaters.

What are the benefits of a small double mattress?

Aside from being affordable, small double mattresses also offer the following advantages:

  1. Ergonomics. Because these mattresses have the same measurements as single beds, they allow for comfortable sleeping with enough elbow space on either side to avoid feeling “boxed in,” especially in tight spaces like in-studio apartments and in camper vans. Such design is also an advantage when two people want to sleep together but do not share the same preference for firmness or comfort levels. Some models even come with two separate and individual toppers to cater to these requirements.
  2. Customization. Small double mattresses’ flexibility and customizable aspects make them suitable for various situations, such as when a bed gets damaged or when sleeper preferences change over time. The mattress can be easily split into two parts by removing the middle section, which is helpful during times of transition, like moving out of one’s home. Some models also come with detachable covers that allow for easy removal and cleaning whenever necessary. Furthermore, its lightweight property makes transporting and assembling/disassembling convenient to be installed or stored even in tight spaces.
  3. Extendable life. Most box springs need replacement within five to seven years of use, but small double mattresses can last for up to 10 years because they are easier to maintain and clean than traditional mattress sets. What’s more, their lifespan is twice as long compared to single beds since two people sharing it also lessen its wear and tear.
  4. Durability. Small double mattresses are known for being comfortable yet firm, making them durable even if used every day by several individuals. The sturdiness of this type of mattress lets sleepers enjoy it for many years without experiencing hard spots that may lead to discomfort.
  5. Temperature control. This mattress allows for airflow between the coils, which can circulate easily to remove hot air inside the bed. Thus, sleepers are less likely to experience heat buildup during nighttime or have their legs feel uncomfortable because of cold spots.

What are its disadvantages?

  1. Discomfort. Once an issue with any part of this mattress is encountered (i.e., coils poke through the ticking), it cannot be repaired; it must be replaced entirely because replacing certain parts would make other components wear out faster than usual. Also, these mattresses do not have handles on their sides as box springs do, so transferring them might pose difficulties depending on how heavy they are and where they need to be placed. On the other hand, Box springs are easier to handle because they have side handles, which make transferring them in and out of storage spaces possible even for one person alone.
  2. Limited lifespan. Regular use shortens the lifespan of this mattress in general. However, sleepers can increase their longevity by handling it with care and applying protective coverings when necessary.
  3. Decreased sleeping space. Some small double mattresses are not suited for taller individuals, especially if two people need to share the same bed, which lessens roomy space between the two partners who might keep rolling toward each other during sleep or disturb their partner when turning or turning getting up from bed. Although models promote extra-long twin beds, these may not be suitable for homes with limited floor space.
  4. Storage difficulty. Small double mattresses may not fit many storage spaces because they are often a little longer and wider than a twin bed, making them challenging to store when not in use. However, this disadvantage is negligible since the mattress can be dismantled into two separate beds that require less room during storage times.
  5. Non-conformity to safety standards. To make small double mattresses suitable for children’s use, they should comply with rules and regulations established by certain agencies such as the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). But because this mattress is mainly made for adults, there may not always be specific standards that address safety standards for children when using this mattress.

How much should I spend on buying one?

This may depend on several factors, including the size, materials, and brands. Usually, bed-in-a-box brands offer good quality mattress sets that are affordable in price, while luxury options can go for as high as £2000 (the US $2700) depending on the brand.

What’s more, you might find mattresses sold below £100 (US $135) that are often made of low-quality polyurethane foam with narrow comfort zones making them unfit to be used by adults. However, these are usually recommended for children or guests who stay overnight only.

How to choose the right small double mattress?

Below are some tips for sleepers who wish to buy a new small double mattress:

  1. Be aware of the product’s certifications. Mattresses with a mark from a reputable third-party agency such as BAFE, OEKO-TEX, or FSC should be made of safe materials. This is especially crucial for those who need mattresses to provide enough support even for their growing children.
  2. Consider comfort above anything else. This is essential because it will affect your sleep’s overall quality and quantity, which means you need to invest in something that will give you maximum benefits. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable lying on the bed before committing to purchase it to avoid wasting time and money on something that won’t make you happy.
  3. Check the mattress’s warranty coverage. This depends on the brand and type of mattress but most offer at least five years of warranty. Be sure to check if there are any exclusions, for example, for stains, bugs, or damage caused by improper use.
  4. Get a replacement guarantee or trial period to try out the mattress first before committing to buy it. Getting anything online always comes with risks, so be sure to assess your needs thoroughly, especially if this is your first time purchasing one.

How do I take care of my small double mattress?

Aside from following general maintenance tips, these mattresses should also be cleaned regularly even if they don’t come in direct contact with skin which means you should vacuum the surface and flip it frequently to keep it hygienic.

Moreover, stains are inevitable, so be sure to prepare stain removers of your choice beforehand. Just remember, though, that harsh chemical may not be good for the mattress. These include hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, alcohol, bleach, or vinegar, which can eventually wear out the material.

Can a small double mattress fit two adults?

In fact, a small double mattress has a bigger surface area than a king-size bed which is actually the biggest type of mattress available.

However, there are still limits as to how much weight it can handle especially if you have two adults that weigh more than 150 kg (330 lbs) each.

If your children use the mattress for occasional purposes, then you should be fine with a cheap option that only costs £100-£200 (the US $135-$270). But if it’s for regular usage where adults sleep on it every night, then opting for one with high-quality materials and construction is recommended.


A small double mattress is perfect for a child’s bedroom furniture, a guest room, or people with limited spaces. However, it may not be able to handle the weight of two adults unless you choose one that has high-quality materials and construction. Furthermore, make sure to consider comfort above anything else when making your purchase.

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