Tempur Mattress: The Science Behind the Sleep

Tempur is a mattress made with TEMPUR® material. This soft material offers superior body-conforming and pressure point relief, ideal for those who experience discomfort or pain when sleeping without using memory foam. It conforms to your body’s unique shape and weight. The result is better sleep for you.

Types of Tempur Mattresses

Tempur mattresses come in three comfort grades:

  • Classic: A firm comfort
  • Plush: A soft and supple comfort
  • Firm: A medium to firm level of support.


Size is also an important factor in choosing the right TEMPUR mattress. The size is dependent on what works best for you, your partner, or your children when they are using it. Tempur Mattresses come in the following sizes:

  • Twin Mattress Size 39 x 80 inches
  • Full Mattress Size 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen Mattress Size 60 x 80 inches
  • King Mattress Size 76 x 80 inches
  • Cal King Mattress Size 72 x 84 inches


Each Tempur mattress is a combination of three layers:

  • a top layer of soft comfort foam
  • a middle layer of high-resilience support foam
  • the base layer of high-grade base support foam.
  1. The top layer provides pressure point relief and helps to regulate body temperature while sleeping. This helps prevent heat build-up during sleep which helps to ensure better circulation and blood flow throughout the body during sleep.
  2. The middle layer provides adaptive comfort from the body-to-body contact, providing exceptional pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment while regulating temperature.
  3. The foundation layer provides the support and durability of the mattresses. The high-grade dense foam used in this layer offers a stable foundation for deep-down comfort and acts as an additional high-resilience support system to carry the body’s weight.

Mattress Collection

There are many models of Tempur available. They vary in size and features to fit your needs and desires.

Highlights on some of the most popular models:

Tempur Cloud Mattress Luxe Plush

This model is a combination of plush comfort with high levels of support for maximum conforming comfort. The first layer consists of soft comfort foam, which offers pressure point relief. A second layer provides adaptive, comfortable body-to-body contact.

It also includes memory foam, which ensures that it will provide superior temperature regulation and relieve pain associated with sleeping or lying down on hard surfaces all night long.

Tempur Contour Rhapsody Luxe

This model has the same features as the Cloud Luxe Plush model but with the additional benefit of an added layer of Tempur material above the adaptive foam for even higher levels of pressure point relief.

Tempur Contour Elite

This is one of our bestselling models. It has all the features of the Rhapsody Luxe model with the added benefit of eight different zones within each side of the mattress, so it contours specifically to your body’s shape and weight to provide superior support. This gives you superior pressure point relief while ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Tempur Sensation

This model offers the classic TEMPUR feel. It is substantial, and the same type of mattress was created to help NASA astronauts in space maintain their physical health while also ensuring proper spinal alignment during sleep. One of the best features of this model is its temperature regulation capabilities.

Tempur-Flex Supreme

Designed especially for couples, this model has pressure point relief on both sides, so it adapts to both partners’ needs evenly without disturbing each other’s sleep.

The Protector Cover with this model gives it excellent durability and helps regulate heat retention during sleep, ensuring better circulation throughout the body.

Tempur Hybrid mattresses are basically a combination of memory foam and springs. They’re usually more affordable than Tempurpedic, but they also have about half the durability. Sometimes though, it’s worth shelling out extra to get the quality you deserve when it comes to your mattress since they provide better support, pressure point relief, and reduced motion transfer.

Other Tempur Products:

  1. Mattress Toppers: Although the standard thickness of Tempurpedic mattresses is 6″, higher-end models like the Cloud Luxe Plush and Contour Supreme can be upgraded to 8″ or 10″. In contrast, lower-end models like the Cloud Supreme Breeze only come in 6″. These thicker toppers are ideal for side sleepers because they provide more pressure point relief on your shoulders and hips.
  2. Pillow, sheets, mattress protectors, etc.: Pillows and other products are all available through their website, so you’ll have to look there if you want something other than what was included with your mattresses.


  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Proper spinal alignment and reduced risk of back and neck injuries
  • Less tossing and turning through the night
  • Reduced pressure point formation
  • Better tolerance to stress, tension, strain, fatigue preventing feelings of soreness upon waking up in the morning.
  • It also helps with snoring partners because it keeps them sleeping on their side all night long, which reduces snoring.
  • Moisture regulation for both hot or cold sleepers.


  • They are on the more expensive side.
  • It is also cumbersome, so it does take some effort to move around
  • The 10-year warranty does not cover damage due to improper handling or stains, so you will have to pay a fee if this happens
  • Tempur mattresses tend to sleep hot compared with other brands because they’re designed for temperature regulation, pressure point relief, and blood flow regulation, which provides better circulation throughout the body. If you or your partner tends to get overly warm during sleep, this might be uncomfortable for you and the lack of motion isolation, as mentioned above.

How Much do Tempur Mattresses Cost?

Although Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made in the USA, they are only available to UK customers through dealerships. The average price for a Queen size mattress is about £2,000, with Tempurpedic’s most popular models being the Contour Elite and Cloud Luxe Plush.

How Durable Are Tempur Mattresses?

Tempur mattresses are very durable and will last you about 15-20 years if properly managed. This can be extended to as much as 25 or 30 years, depending on your handling and the maintenance you provide for your mattresses.

How Long do They Take to Expand Fully?

All Tempurpedic models come fully expanded, so all you have to do is remove it from its packaging, unroll it and give it a few hours to adjust to room temperature before using it.

Mattress Warranty and Other Policies

All Tempur-Pedic mattresses come with a 10-year warranty from the time of purchase. The Protector Cover included with every mattress also comes with a 2-year warranty that covers damage due to improper care. It covers any issue related to faulty craftsmanship or materials as well as normal wear and tear.

How to choose a mattress according to the sleeping position?

If you sleep alone, you can choose from all their models regardless of your preferred sleeping position. If you have a partner who tends to change positions at night, it’s best to go with the Flex Supreme, which is specifically designed for couples and adapts to both partners’ needs evenly.

  1. Side Sleepers: The Contour Elite or Cloud Luxe Plush models are good choices since they provide pressure point relief on both sides and distribute weight evenly throughout the mattress
  2. Stomach Sleepers: Tempurpedic recommends the Cloud Supreme Breeze model because its temperature regulation capabilities prevent heat retention during sleep which makes it more comfortable, especially if your partner tends to overheat easily
  3. Combo Sleepers: For those who switch between sleeping positions at night, the Flex Supreme model is the one you should get since it allows for optimal adjustment depending on your needs
  4. BackSleepers: The Cloud Supreme Breeze or Tri-Pedic models are good choices since they provide pressure point relief on your back

What bed base should I use with a Tempur?

Tempurpedic recommends using bed bases that are slatted since this type of construction allows the mattress to breathe better and distribute weight evenly. If you do decide to get a traditional box spring, make sure it has a sturdy bed frame and gives the mattress at least 2″ of space all around. Basket-weave, wood, and metal bed frames are recommended.

Comparison of Tempur Mattresses vs. Traditional Spring Mattresses

Tempur material is a great alternative for those not satisfied with their current mattresses, especially if it is an old spring coil mattress. Those who have been using a spring coil mattress know how uncomfortable they can be at times – the springs poke you from inside the mattress, and the padding on top gets compressed after a period of use.

What TEMPUR® material does differently because it does not have coils, so there is no way they will poke you through this mattress! Plus, unlike traditional mattresses, you will feel the support of the mattress right from the moment you lie down on it – this is because TEMPUR® material offers superior pressure point relief and stability.


Several Tempur mattress reviews indicate that it is one of the best mattresses for those who suffer from back pain, stiffness, and aches after waking up. Many consumers also praise its ability to help prevent heat buildup and provide better circulation throughout their bodies during sleep, even more so than memory foam mattresses do.

Although it is not adjustable like most other modern mattresses, some users say that what it lacks in adjustability makes up for in other areas.

It has been said that Tempur mattresses are great not only because it conforms to your body shape and weight over time, but also because it provides even body support throughout the night instead of having aches and pains from being too soft or too firm in certain spots.

Several reviews have indicated that the material continues to form after being used for a few nights, which helps provide better pressure point relief and prevent heat buildup during sleep.


Although some consumers complain that it is pricier than other mattresses, almost all Tempur mattress reviews indicate that it is worth the price considering its higher quality material and ability to provide better support. The TEMPUR® material has been regarded as being simply spectacular in providing greater comfort without sacrificing durability.

Many people are satisfied with their purchase, especially those with back problems, because they feel the difference right away. If you want a good night’s sleep and a fresh breath for your bedroom furniture – choose Tempur!

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