TV Bed King Size: A Modern and Stylish Solution for Your Home

A TV bed is a type of bed that features an integrated TV appliance, generally a television. The TVs are usually sized 38 inches or above, and the style of the frame matches that of all other types of contemporary stylish beds with or without storage.

Some beds come with additional functions such as Bluetooth audio streaming, USB charging ports, iPod docks, and E-book readers.

What Is A TV Bed?

The TV Bed is the biggest of the range available to buy after adding an extra mattress for a slight increase in price. At seven feet long by six-foot-wide it provides enough space even for people who are over 6 feet tall. The best thing about this bed is that it has a lifetime guarantee on the frame and five years on the mechanisms.

How Much Do King Size TV Beds Cost?

It costs £1,499 plus delivery; this is the most expensive of all the beds available for sale. It comes with a free assembly which is ideal if you lack DIY expertise!

The price does actually include VAT, but actually, it’s not too bad when you consider that if you went to buy a bed from John Lewis or Dreams, then there is a £200+ difference between what you would pay for one or two single beds depending on your preference or arrangement of bedroom furniture.

What Is A TV Bed Made Of?

Wooden strong framework made from Oak complete with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and five years on the mechanisms. It is built to support weights of up to 150 stones. The headboard, foot end, and side rails are metal clad with oak veneer providing strength and durability. This is an extremely sturdy piece of furniture that should last a lifetime.

What Are The Features Of A TV Bed?

  1. Many different functions are available; it has an integrated USB charging port to ensure your phone or tablet never runs out of charge.
  2. There is also a place to plug in any other electrical device you wish using the 3-pin mains power cable included free with your purchase (if you can find where it goes!).
  3. Additional items like headphones or keyboards could be stored within the bed frame itself. It comes complete with all fixtures & fittings needed to mount the TV, so you are ready to go.
  4. Another great thing about it is that it also has side rails, these are mainly used for when you are sitting up in bed watching television or using your laptop, they ensure that you don’t fall out of bed but again can be removed if preferred.
  5. The TV Bed frames include a multimedia socket box that provides power and data access to an external device such as a soundbar. When the TV Bed is not being used, there is even space under the bed to store away any clutter like shoes, etc.

What Are The Benefits and Drawbacks Of A King TV Bed?


  • The main benefit of this particular style is without a doubt how stylish it looks
  • The amount of space available is fantastic.


  • A disadvantage would be not being able to fit all your belongings under your new stylish piece of furniture.
  • It would be possible to buy a chest of drawers which could be used under the bed. However, this will increase the overall price, and once again problem with storage comes back.
  • The King Size bed becomes very heavy when it is fully extended. This also makes cleaning underneath the bed difficult as you have to lift it to clean around where the side rails are.
  • TV beds with storage drawers are becoming increasingly popular. This is for good reason as they provide plenty of storage space and work well with modern living, making sure you leave your bedroom organised and tidied without the need to store clothes in a wardrobe!


Choosing styles of TV beds that suit your bedroom set up as well as your own personal taste is very important for those who want to design a room that looks great.

There are many different styles of TV Beds available, from the modern style with storage drawers and USB charging ports to traditional beds with a fabric-fronted headboard. There are even some TV beds on the market that can be linked up to Apps allowing you to watch any channel on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you have the latest technology right in your bedroom!

Do bear in mind, however, that all these features do come at an additional cost; though they can prove extremely useful, it is good saving money by purchasing a basic model and adding features such as USB charging ports and pull-out side rails later on when you have a budget to do so.

Adjustable Beds With TV

An adjustable base is very similar to a TV bed; this is because they offer the same benefits of having your television attached to your new piece of furniture; however, instead of moving up and down as a TV Bed does, an adjustable model allows your mattress to move up and down. This means you can sit up in bed comfortably without leaning too far forward or back, which can cause neck aches!

There are many more benefits to having an adjustable base, including easier access if you ever need to make repairs on electrical items under your bed. When purchasing an adjustable model, it is important to choose a reputable brand such as Silentnight who has been producing quality beds for years at affordable prices. For a choice of styles and reviews, check out their website today!

Ottoman TV Beds

Ottoman beds are designed to give you more storage space; they work by having large drawers at the foot of each bedpost. This means it is important to be very specific with where you position your ottoman so that you can get full use out of the extra storage.

Customers love this type of bed, not only because it gives me plenty of functional ample storage space but because many models come with lighting underneath, which really helps brighten up their bedroom when getting ready in the morning!

If you think an Ottoman Bed might be right for your home, then check out this link on Amazon for some amazing deals!


The final thing you will need when purchasing a bed is a mattress. You can find out more information about mattresses here. However, you can buy the highest comfort rating possible as well as make sure it is hypoallergenic to prevent any problems with dust mites.

For those of you who are looking for a TV Bed, you can find some great discounts when buying it as well as the mattresses from the same retailer! For example, you can purchase a Silentnight Memory Flat Mattress with an innerspring support system and medium comfort rating for only £235.

This is a fantastic deal considering that many stores sell just the mattress on its own for around the same price, so if you are going to buy a bed any time soon, take advantage of cheaper prices by purchasing both items together!

Other types of Tech beds

Smart Beds

These are TV beds that are controlled via an App on your smartphone or tablet; this means you can switch the TV on and off, change channels and even play sounds at a touch of a button.

Much like traditional TV Beds, these come with side rails for added safety; however, they cost around five times more than regular models. For example, you could buy a Silentnight Memory Flat Mattressfor £235, but if you want to invest in Smart technology, then be prepared to pay nearly £1,200!

Sound System Beds

Sound system beds, like Smart Beds, come with the latest technology and cost a fortune! They are similar to traditional TV Beds in that they can be moved up and down.

Unlike traditional TV Beds, however, these do not come with side rails; this means it is vital you make sure the area surrounding your own bed is safe as falling from a height could be fatal!

Another difference between sound system beds and regular models is that sound systems usually have built-in speakers underneath the mattress, meaning they will play sounds from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth technology.

Can I install a cable box with it?

Of course, you can! All you have to do is tell the customer service team at your local Silentnight retailer what TV bed you would like, and they will be able to arrange a special order for you.

Also, remember that when purchasing a bed, it is important to check whether or not your electronics fit underneath as some models have different dimensions from others. Silentnight Memory Flat Mattress fits well under the TV Bed, as do all other standard-sized boxes; however, if buying an Ottoman Storage Bed, then you may struggle with cables due to the drawers underneath.

If this is something that concerns you, then why not bring along any electronic items that need fitting, just so your sales representative can check before ordering them for you.

TV Beds Sizes

Single TV Beds

If you are buying a TV Bed for your spare room, then there is no point in investing in the latest technology as it won’t be used often enough. Instead, use this opportunity to purchase an alternative bed that fits well with your lifestyle; if you like spending time on your laptop or tablet, then why not go for a sound system mattress?

King Size TV Bed vs. Super King TV Bed

There are two main sizes of TV Beds, King Size and Super King Size.

  1. A King Size bed is fitted with anything between 4’6″ up to 5′ mattress (depending on the retailer), whereas a Super Size bed is installed with anything between 6′ up to 6’3″. It’s worth noting that most retailers sell both sizes as they are extremely popular, but make sure you enquire before buying as not all retailers sell both.
  2. In terms of looks, there is a slight difference between the two; a King Size bed is rectangular whereas a Super Size one is square, which means that it has longer sides. This may be an issue if you have smaller rooms, as although the square model would be better aesthetically, it may look odd when in a smaller space, so if this is the case, you may have to sacrifice looks for comfort.

Double King Size TV Bed vs. Super Size TV Bed

As with the King Size bed, when buying a Double Size bed, you can choose either a rectangular or a square frame. However, there is only one size of Super Size beds available in this variation, and they are 6’3″ in length x 6′ in width. If you have large rooms, then this might be the best choice for you, but if floor space is an issue, then choosing a King Size bed will be more appropriate.

Does a TV Bed come with integrated speakers?

As with sound system beds, TV Beds come with built-in speakers and connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth technology. However, unlike regular models, these do not have side rails and therefore must be placed against a wall. The remote control is included with the mattresses, so it is easy to change the settings without even getting out of bed.

Where can I buy a TV Bed?

Most retailers offer plenty of special orders for you, so whether you are looking online or in one of their stores, they should be able to meet your requirements. When buying it, it is important to check what electronics fit underneath as well as checking that the dimensions are suitable for the space around your room.


A perfect TV Bed is a good investment as it comes with many great additional features which you would not usually find within a bed!

This is why it is worth spending an extra couple of pounds on one because the quality and comfort it offers you are invaluable.

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